Mantle of Responsibility

I am having an experience wherein reality backs my delusion

I am having an experience wherein my delusion is explainable by natural laws.

I am having an experience wherein my insanity begins where people begin to dissociate.

In another culture, the word to describe me would have been shaman, prophet, healer, priestess, oracle, witch.

But, I live in America, where everyone is secretly an atheist.

So, I am a neuro-divergent person.

I dream of a reality wherein people just say, "Oh yeah, that's Ernie, he's the best mechanic in town."

"He hears a voice of God on the radio."

And then, move on.

And just accept that some people have more information than others.

Instead, I live in a farm town.

Where as soon as I venture into quantum physics, string theory, computing, psychology, spirituality, micro-expression...

Faces glaze over.

Fear comes into their eyes.

Because they see what I do too, if you talk about individual events.

And facts.

However, when one begins to discuss the pattern...

And the picture it paints...

They flee like deer from a fire.


I will wear the mantle of their labels.

I will pretend not to see what I see.

Because they are not ready.

And no part of me enjoys anyone's pain.

But, people exhaust me.

And I plan to speak slowly, concisely and clearly

When I meet those with whom I can talk in a meaningful way.

But, I need a damn nap.

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