Buffalo Soldiers *working title, pending more research and discussion regarding appropriation

A petty argument that becomes a canceled trip.



As someone you don't trust takes control.

Shots ring out.

10 killed.

3 wounded.

And, the world fractures.

Correlation places the mantel of responsibility on her shoulders.

Had she been there, she could have stopped it.

Babies die in Uvalde.

As she attempts to create a nest for her little chicken to grow in.

And, a newly diagnosed autist takes code switching literally...

Because, it is.

If you understand metaphor...

And, are observant.

And, reality retracts.

And, expands...

And, refracts.

A shot rings out.

Falsely accused, only by themselves, the guilty party learns to move safely in the shadows.

And, the children wake up.

And sing.

A shot.

In the dark.

Wake up.

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