I'm doing Instacart right now to make ends meet, and, against my better judgment, gave a guy a lift home.

He seemed like he was having a bad day.

And, my Spidey Sense said he was no danger to me.

I was right, but got myself in trouble after trying to enlist the assistance of the neighbohood outdoor apothecarist in looking out for this gentleman, who obviously needs help.

I was tailed by at least one, possibly up to three, cars, after speaking to the street corner pharmacist.

I trust the people who know me in that community to let him know that I am no threat.

I trust him to look out for the well-being of this gentleman, once he knows I mean him, and his business, no harm.

Middle-aged white lady privilege.

20 years in human services privilege.

I can move through dangerous spaces with relative safety.

Because they see me, as I see them.

I just wish someone would look out for the folks who have taken a ton of damage, other than those with equal injuries.

I wish others saw us as human.

Or, just saw us.

But, they usually just avert their eyes...

And walk faster.

Because they don't want to get involved.

The overwhelming majority of Instacart shoppers who buy cage free eggs gives me hope, though.

If people can have empathy for a chicken, it seems like, eventually, they will have empathy for other humans.

That is my hope, anyway.

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