Upon the Death of a Monarch

I suspect that volumes of history books in the future will be written about this Era of time in world history.

One would have to be blind not to realize that we are at a tipping point.

I had a psychotic break, due to my realization that we are living through the literal Apocalypse.

I'm not wrong, because we are. Mankind has lived through many... since the beginning of time.

The book of Revelations is allegorical... for ego death, individual physical death, the death of empires, the death of species, the death of the world, and the death of all creation. However, there is no end to it. C.S. Lewis literally wrote about this in The Last Battle, which is also allegorical.

We have thus far survived all the Apocalypses we have encountered as a species: the black death, asteroids, world wars, ice ages, etc.

However, I'm so afraid that we're not going to make it through this one. The scale is too big, and there are too many factors at play.

I'm sorry, but anyone not preparing for hard times right now is a frog in a pot.

I said what I said, and I stand by it.

I'm not Chicken Little.

The sky is figuratively falling, folks.

But, every post from NASA... Every picture of space... Gives me hope. I truly believe that if our species doesn't give up on contacting others, and going beyond the stars... we will survive.

We're eternally optimistic, we humans.

This is what I wrote... thinking about the legacy of the British Empire, upon the death of a queen who came to power at the end of another Apocalypse.

And... who reigned through many more.

And, what the legacy of such a monarch is.

I say, she was an average human... a worm like all the rest of us. And, like her horrible, beautiful empire.

But, they gave us Doctor Who. They gave us Monty Python. They gave us Pink Floyd. They gave us David Bowie. They gave us The Beatles...

The Queen, like her Empire, was Horrible.

But, lord...

That average horrible human did great things.
Salvador Dali


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