Pendulation, Restorative justice program for victims of emotional trauma, emotional abuse, etc., bringing action tendencies to completion. Restoring agency. “The pleasure of completed action” the victim gets to fight back emotionally against her bully, receiving closure. A sense of completion.

Use art, theatre, movement based practices. Treatment for C-PTSD. Help victims act out their experience, but have a different ending. Maybe a good idea??? Probably already exists.

Possible tandem therapy for both individuals??? Would this help a perpetrator heal their emotional wounds as well?

This could be a terrible idea.

Artaud. Theatre of cruelty….

Theatre group at MHA. Get MH pro involved (?) participants write and stage own plays. Free form. Think RMT. Empowerment. Workable idea for now.

Get graduate degree.

Get credit for your idea.

Thank you for this, Universe.

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