The Monster in the Hall

How is it possible to simultaneously love someone and hate them as much as I do you?

You hadn't seen me in 20 years, and somehow created art that is a physical representation of my internal experience, in a play that is more about my life than any other I've read, or seen. I could play every character, but Lawrence. And. Maybe the dad. That's Sam. He is my sun. My broken hero.

You are literally the only person who has ever understood me. Well, maybe my nephew, and my literal brother.

I miss you so much.

And, I can never speak to you again.

I hate that we can't get along.

I hate it that we were cast in the wrong roles.

You are my brother.

I miss you.


I'm a terrible shot, and I scare all the creatures.

Poorly cast as Artemis to your Apollo.

But, life is what it is.

I wish you well on your journey.

Drive safe. And, look out for deer.

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