I dream of living a life where I am surrounded by people who think about all of theweird things that I think about, and also, different things that they’re interested in, so I can learn from them. I dream of waking up every morning, and getting to talk with them about their thoughts, and working together to learn more. No one here understands me. Literally. Talking about most of the things that really interest me makes their eyes glaze over. And, then, they call me crazy. Literally because they just don’t read a damn thing, or ever look outside of their comfort zone. I am crazy. However, the margin of where the line where that crazy starts… Seems to shift, depending on who I am speaking to… and their educational, work, spiritual, and life experience. Everyone seems to agree that I’m crazy… However, there is very little agreement about how. That lack of agreement includes my treatment team. It’s charming to deal with, and figure out where I have to level-set my presentation for every single individual I interact with. It’s exhausting. I can’t fully be myself with anyone.

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