Damn Ducks

What I’m saying is that, I know you check this blog out. Other people are concerned too, enough so that they have said I shouldn’t post anything relevant to you here, to avoid giving you ammo to reel me further into your sick B.S. Stop stalking me, creeper. Get help.

And, I figure… if you’re not looking at this, then good. You’re getting better. However, sending a pointed message occasionally, telling you to back off and get out of my space doesn’t hurt a damn thing.

The great thing is, that it’s not paranoia if someone is actually stalking you. And, if one of the two people this message applies to are reading this, then you have gone to considerable effort to find me on a platform you weren’t invited to.

Ergo, you are stalking me.

Leave me alone.

This is my party. You are not invited.

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