Notes on Pollan

“An experience of the numinous to help them navigate the second half of their lives.”

“A set of fairly dependable mental algorithms for navigating.”

“Individuals transcend their primary identification with their bodies and experience ego-free states.”

“Insight into how young children perceive the world.”

“Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out – Timothy Leary”

“Psilocybin Can occasion mystical type experiences having substabtial and sustained personal meaning and spiritual significance” psychopharmacology 2006 Johns Hopkins

“Top 5 most significant experiences”

Participants report improvement. Verified with collaterals

People like me shouldn’t take psychedelics due to risk of psychosis due to terrifying experiences that can happen. Many “psychotic breaks” at ED are actually panic attacks

Set and setting matter. CLINICAL SETTING NEEDED!!!!

“I” becomes a little too familiar

“Unencumbered first sight”

“Default mode of consciousness”

“Easier know to hold on to and turn”

Hinduism and Buddhism

“Unopened doors in our minds”

Reggie Watts “I’m a materialist”

Mental travelogue”

Narrative coherence, mdma, not a classical psychedelic this book focuses on psilocybin and LSD “entheogens” “psychedelic” is more accurate, despite stigma

Historical shift: 2006

-Centennial of birth of Albert Hoffman. Hoffman was there and in good shape. Lived to 102.

LSD: My Problem Child



25th molecule LSD 25

Account takes slightly mystical turn. He “liked” how the molecule looked. Bad lab safety, absorbed compound 1st lsd trip


Lsd is one of the most potent psycho active compounds

Lock and key

“Locke & Key – Rotten Tomatoes”

Hoffman thought he was going to be permanently insane.

HOW MUCH LSD WAS I DOSED WITH AT THE HERON???? that trip lasted for days.

PTSD from nonconsensual trip????

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