Whenever this song plays, I take it as a cue to check that the physical needs of myself and my spouse are attended to. As two individuals living with autism and C-PTSD, we find ourselves running in the red without noticing, way too often. Using this cue helps to proactively address that issue.

And, this song reminds me that the wheel of life turns. That, wherever I am, it’s only temporary.

That said, I NEED to do Doordash tomorrow, so the wheel doesn’t roll us into the poor house. I really hope I get this job I applied for. The financial situation needs to improve. I’ve reached the end of the cuts I can make.

This song reminds me to have faith and give thanks.

This one helps me to give voice to my anxiety. It got me through the death of my father. I don’t carry the pain of this song anymore though.

This song makes me think of Mark, and Sam, and Joe, and Daniel. It makes me cry.

This song expresses how music speaks to me, and how I hope my voice will speak to someone, someday.

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